Hi Folks,
Hoping you all have a great and safe Holiday weekend!  Happy Labor Day!!  Travel Safe!

PLEASE NOTE: My apologies to everyone….I was notified by GMS that there is a string concert the evening  of October 6th…..so we have moved the day for Our Spring Lacrosse 2017 Meeting to the following Thursday evening.  The new date has been changed to;  Thursday, October 13th, from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm…n the Commons at GMS.  .All girls should be present to try on uniform sizes and every family should be represented if at all possible.  Please spread the word among any interested girls and/or families.  Thank you for your flexibility with this date change!

Quick update:

  • We had 27 girls at our last summer session…we did not reach 30 players but we had great participation.
  • Thanks to all of you who have been working to get a head start on our spring season….
  • We are missing five (5) balls…please help out!
  • I’m really excited about our next sessions….We have interest from over 20 girls for our Fall sessions (12) at the Franklin Fieldhouse, beginning September 12th from 4:00 pm-5:00pm….if you are still interested, please let me know via email ASAP.   The price is $125 for the 12 sessions, and if you can only make one day a week (6) sessions  the price is $80….
  • Please remember to join or renew your US Lacrosse membership….this is mandatory for our players…you can register at www.USLacrosse.org …Thank You!
  • It would be very helpful if I receive your payment for Fall Lacrosse no later than September 12th first session….if you can’t be there please try to submit your payment in advance.  Please send your fee to;     Steve Jacobs 3123 Vera Valley Road Franklin Tennessee 37064

Thank you!   Peace Coach Jake

Final Note:  We still need “at least” one player from 6th grade, and “at least” one player from 7th grade to try out for Goalie…this is a “key” position for us, and I’d really like to start working with interested players…please talk it over with your daughter/family member….our Goalies get a great deal of playing time in each game….if you can help, please let me know!  It is our most valued position….Thank you!

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