*** Fall 2016 Combination Workouts ***

  1. Who: We would love to have full participation from all Franklin Arrows if possible….We still have not seen participation from at least 15 returning players from last years team during this summers’ sessions…I know some of you are involved in other sports and/or activities, but I am also sure we have some players who have free time and are not working on improving their skills…**** I would really like to see greater participation from our team members who are not involved currently in other sports/activities…this is the time to work on the skills and conditioning you will need this spring to compete against our most worthy opponents
    • Any Lady Rebels who would like to attend would be more than VERY WELCOME! Please join us!
  2. What (to bring): Water/Energy drink, stick, goggles. Mouth guard, indoor running/conditioning shoes…If you need to borrow equipment there will be no charge but you’ll need a mouth gard.
  3. Mandatory: You will need to be a US Lacrosse current member…please join and/or renew if your expiration date occurs prior to October 24th, 2016. Go to; www.USLacrosse.org and bring proof of new or renewed membership number to coach Jake by September 12th, 2016
  4. When: Monday and Wednesday Afternoons
  5. Time: 4:00 pm-5:00 pm
  6. Where: Franklin Fieldhouse 1850 General George Patton Drive ( indoors and outdoors )
  7. Cost: $125 per player for twelve (12) one hour sessions…please make payment on or before first session (one payment for all sessions regardless of number of sessions you attend)
  8. Dates: September 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28, October 3, 5, (no practice on October 10) 12, 17, 19, and 24
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