About Us

We are the Franklin Arrows Girls Lacrosse Team!   We have many goals for our program and our girls, We Hope:

  • To build the Franklin Arrows Girls Lacrosse Team as a “lacrosse family”, as part of a larger “lacrosse community”
  • To teach the basic skills of the game, and set milestones for improvement
  • To play a competitive schedule and match our skills with our the skills of our opponents
  • To build a winning tradition
  • To promote integrity and honesty, on and off the field of play
  • To honor our opponents with competitive play, and hard fought competition
  • To honor our officials and exhibit true sportsmanship
  • To give each student athlete a safe place to learn the” love” of the game of lacrosse
  • To create an atmosphere where each girl can identify and work towards self improvement
  • That love of the game will attract other family members, friends and classmates to play lacrosse
  • To honor the past traditions of lacrosse as a native American spiritual game, and respect  the native American culture in general
  • To promote the equal status, power, and strength of girls/women in sports and in today’s culture
  • To teach the values of teamwork and hard work, in sports, but more importantly in life.
  • To build the connection between the FHS Girls Lacrosse Lady Rebels and the Franklin Arrows
  • To celebrate and honor the girls and families who have given unselfishly of themselves on the teams prior to us all arriving here
  • To follow the success stories of our players as they continue in life, and hopefully they will make us all proud
  • Many of our players will return to visit with us, to share their successes and be role models for our girls.

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