Our Team is lead by Captains; Cori Dannemiller, Gracie Fullerton, Sara Smith, and Josie Ward.

Our Varsity Team defeated Seymour MS and Signal Mountain MS over this past weekend, and our JV team defeated Seymour MS as well. The games were played under some terrible circumstances with a very muddy field, snow, rain, and hail throughout most of the day. All of our players played hard this weekend and continue to show great sportsmanship to each of their opponents.

We continue to receive compliments from the players, coaches, and parents of our opponents, not only for our level of play, but more importantly for the way each of our players exhibit the highest respect for the game of lacrosse and honor our opponents for their efforts on the field of play.

Our Varsity squad now has 10 wins and 0 losses…we are averaging just over 13 goals a game while holding our opponents to just over 2 goals a game….We have scored 133 goals thus far while only allowing 23 goals in ten games. No school to date has scored more than 4 goals against our varsity. Our varsity Goalie Hallie Nuccio is averaging over 5 saves per game behind a very strong defense, .

Our high scorers on varsity to date are; Josie Ward (36 goals), Aliya Polisky(28 goals), Cori Dannemiller(15 goals), and Sara Smith (13 goals).

Our JV squad now has 6 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. Our only loss ( and our tie) was our JV playing against Hendersonville Varsity. Our JV Goalie Sarah Souder is averaging over 6 saves per game, again with the help of a very strong defense.

Our high scorers on JV are; Zoe Taylor, Ellie Williams, Gaby Foushee, and Molly Walker.

Our Home games are played at Jim Warren Park and we invite you out to see our team in action. We are certain you will enjoy watching the game of Lacrosse. We are looking forward to playing our strongest opponents in the coming month, and wanted to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe spring break

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