• The team faired very well this weekend, winning all three games of the” play day” at Webb School in Bell Buckle…We came from behind to win a very close game with Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, and were also successful against both Signal Mountain, and the Webb School.  I was extremely proud of the way the team fought back against CGLA when they could have given up…great effort Franklin Arrows!
  • Special thanks to Coach Ed Ward and Coach Madeline Grace (MG) for their leadership role on the sidelines this weekend.
  • Special thanks to Anne Smith and ALL the parents and family members who assisted with transportation and support of the team

This week we will practice at GMS from 3:00-5:00Pm on Monday, Wednesday, and ThursdayNo practice on Friday.

Tuesday, instead of practice, I’d like to see all the girls come to Jim Warren Park to support the Lady Rebels!  Games at 4:30 and 6:00 PM

Note: I will have to miss our practice this Thursday, March 17th…and also two days when you return from spring break, Monday, March 28th and Tuesday, March 29th….if you can help Coach MG with practices on those three dates, I would be very grateful. thank you.

  • If there are any of our players who have not completed their spring evaluation, please plan on doing so on either Monday, or Wednesday after practice.  The two targets I have given to the girls this spring, is I would like them to score 30 or more in the two minutes of combined wall ball.  That means they have one minute to catch the ball as many times as possible after bouncing it off the wall with their right hand, and then one minute to do the same with their left hand.  Several of our players have chosen to re-test to try to improve their scores, and get over that target of 30.
  • The other targeted evaluation is to run the mile under eight (8) minutes….once again we have had many of our girls re-test after not reaching that outcome  on their original try.  I am very impressed with the efforts of our players to improve their scores, and re-test.
  • I have included a few charts for you to review…it should give you and/or our players an idea of where they need to improve on their individual skills….working on stick skills, and running skills, can only improve if the girls work on their weaknesses away from our formal practices.  I need your help to encourage your daughter/family member to practice and run, as often as possible.  I encouraged each of the girls  to bring their sticks and a ball with them on the upcoming spring break….
  • The other chart is the best individual evaluation scores for Spring 2016 (does not include any re-test scores) and also the same from Fall of 2014 for comparison only.  I’ll also try to include our averages for 2016 vs 2014 but will give those players who have not yet tested a chance to do so, before I forward that chart of team average scores.


Note: The most difficult part of our schedule, against our strongest opponents that we will face will occur during the month of April.  We do not want to lose ground on all our hard work to date, by not working on our skill improvement during your upcoming time off and/or time away.  Please encourage the inclusion of lacrosse stick and ball  during the upcoming spring break.  Also encourage getting out and doing some running during the break.  Running with stick and ball is best to be honest….

  • Reminder:  Our latest schedule includes a new varsity and a new JV game, AWAY  at West End Middle on Friday, April 15th. I have included our Wins to date, but I may not have all the scores of those games correct….if you can assist me with the correct scores please let me know, as I am certain your memory is stronger than mine.  J
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